“ Talent brings the projects, teamwork and intelligence ensure the customer satisfaction ”

Prometal is a specialized company in tool design, tool making and manufacturing of high precision zinc & aluminium components. We supply ready for use die cast components at competitive prices with more than 20 years experience

HOT CHAMBER (Zinc die casting):

Machines range from 20 tonnes to 200 tonnes for Zinc diecasting and products from 0,5gr. up to 1 kg. We have 29 machines in hot chamber line.

COLD CHAMBER (Aluminium die casting):

Machines range from 300 tonnes to 750 tonnes and product weight goes up to 2,5 kg. We have 5 machines in cold chamber line.

Prometal applies various surface finishing operations:

• Vibro-Deburring and barreling with Walter Trowal equipment

• Shot blasting

• Poweder coating

• Wet paint

• Galvanic surfaces for corrosion protection and cosmetic aspects